I know where to find my Lays

Anna Wibron and Brida Conners were couch surfing in Toronto in 2012 and randomly stayed with Katie and Les. The rest is history. Joining us from UmeƄ, Sweden and Los Angeles, California, respectively are two old friends who are no strangers to keeping in touch remotely.

Showing us some truly Swedish chips, Anna shares her experience with the midnight sun and we learn of breaking Swedish vegan chip news. Sparing the earthquake kit, Brida was able to source a bag of not quite Doritos from the local Whole Foods (turns out they were good anyway).

Anna shared OLW Dill and chive potato chips and Estrella Sourcream and onion vegan lentil chips. And a local weissbier. We hope to one day eat these unique snacks, available through the distributor Viking Foods, which is funny as is.

Brida brought us Late July Nacho Chipotle, which are definitely available around these parts

Katie and Les are eating Neal Brothers Pure Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Neal Brother sent us a sample pack, and we can assure you, they are worth looking out for in your alternative chip isles. Very fresh tasting, they serve up the salt flavour without the sodium.

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