Chip Chat Origin Story + Wells’ Mix Bag


Our guest is Corey Wells, our guitar slaying, massively bearded dreamer of chip dreams – he who planted that tiny chip seed.  In this long, quite crunchy episode hosting is already paying off as Wellsy has brought not only 3 chips but 3 pairings. Bonus topics include great bag techniques for sharing chips with friends, how German’s aren’t as into chips as Canadians, the do’s and don’t’s of eating with a beard, plus one great tip for secret stoners.

Wells’ Mix Bag

Pairing 1: Munchos Original w/ Great Lakes Brewery Octopus Wants To Fight IPA (88IBU)
Pairing 2: Ringolos BBQ w/ Great Lakes Brewery Thrust IPA (72IBU)
Pairing 3: Fritos Original w/ Great Lakes Brewery Devils Pale Ale (66IBU)

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