Mackie’s of Scotland PR on point

Brilliant friend to the podcast, Vanessa, encouraged us to reach out to Mackie’s of Scotland to sample their holiday chips. It turns out the holiday chip flavours are popcorn, but they sure did show up with a generous crisp offering. No jokes, we loved all of the chips. Our guest Shawn William Clarke joined us talk about our Mackie’s bounty, family, and future chip trends.

Shawn: Shawn introduced us to the Mature Cheddar and Onion flavour crisps. As a non-drinker, Shawn treated us to the Partake Stout as a pairing and went the extra mile to involve his whole family.

Katie: By default of her Scottish background, we assigned Katie to the Haggis and Black Pepper. Her pairing was Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola.

Les: H2O my god, we pair the Sea Salt and Vinegar with water because it’s a salt fest up in here. Stay hydrated folks.

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