I know where to find my Lays

Anna Wibron and Brida Conners were couch surfing in Toronto in 2012 and randomly stayed with Katie and Les. The rest is history. Joining us from Umeå, Sweden and Los Angeles, California, respectively are two old friends who are no strangers to keeping in touch remotely.

Together while apart

In this super cute artifact of COVID-19, Katie and Les meet in the Zoomisphere to chat about their chips and experience of social distancing, quarantine, and lock-down.

Ménage à trois

Lays is dominant for better or worse. We have talked about Lays a lot on this show, but this is the first episode where we actually eat Lays brand chips. Our guest is Sid Hawkins, a very old friend of both Katie and Les, individually, and pretty much the reason we are friends to begin…

Mackie’s of Scotland PR on point

Brilliant friend to the podcast, Vanessa, encouraged us to reach out to Mackie’s of Scotland to sample their holiday chips. It turns out the holiday chip flavours are popcorn, but they sure did show up with a generous crisp offering. No jokes, we loved all of the chips. Our guest Shawn William Clarke joined us…

Those in the know…

KT and Les kick off season two together recapping the year in chips and in life. The biggest take away for Les is a broadening of horizons, venturing out into more store brand or alternative chip lines. KT on the other hand has veered the other way, finding her footing on the perfect potato, salt,…

An Explosion of Wishes

In our Season 1 finale, our guest, the ever witty, high-school teaching, automotive empowerment zinester Carly brings us the Summertime vibes of Takis and bright pink Vitamin Water. We talk about the current state of chips in schools, remembering the grade school chip canteen. Poutine chips trigger memories of high school lunch in the 90’s….

Have some chip culture, butty!

Our guest Sulafa Silim is an amazing traveller. From Swaziland to Syria to India to Kenya to Ottawa to Costa Rica to England to Toronto, in this episode, we are truly rich with chips and childhood chip memories. Sulafa helps us cover two distinct chip cultures: the UK, and South Africa – where we learn…

The Story of Chips and so many facts

History buff and long-time chip fan, Michael Walpole, brings us the snack trifecta of cheezies, coke, and snickers while taking us on a wild ride of chip history. Where do chips come from? Credited to one man, rivaled by many, clearly not accounting for many cultures having chips in forms of various fruits and vegetables…

Chip Chat Origin Story + Wells’ Mix Bag

Our guest is Corey Wells, our guitar slaying, massively bearded dreamer of chip dreams – he who planted that tiny chip seed.  In this long, quite crunchy episode hosting is already paying off as Wellsy has brought not only 3 chips but 3 pairings.

Chip Rimmer and That Thick Mouth Feel

Our first guest is Vanessa Lakewood, a Ph.D. student, vegan, a super funny human. We learn that chips have bad ingredients, we can’t help but say dirty things, and that our guest hasn’t had a cheesie in decades.