Have some chip culture, butty!

Our guest Sulafa Silim is an amazing traveller. From Swaziland to Syria to India to Kenya to Ottawa to Costa Rica to England to Toronto, in this episode, we are truly rich with chips and childhood chip memories. Sulafa helps us cover two distinct chip cultures: the UK, and South Africa – where we learn that Lays are Walkers, that chips are freshly fried street food when done right, and that you should watch yourself about too many plantains. In this particularly funny episode, we also learn about chip butty, how to make small bags out of big bags, and further discuss the origin of chip culture.

Les goes deep in the memory banks to talk about stickers of hair rock bands in the Humpty Dumpty brand chip bags at the grade school kiosk. KT reviews the Barhop fish and chips – with the fish coated in rice crispies and Ruffles.

Chip: Mackie’s of Scotland Scotch Bonnet and Terra Plantain
Pairing: Organic Garage Goji Berry and Grapefruit Komboocha

Chip: Presidents Choice Loads of Sour Cream and Onion
Pairing: PC brand Lemon carbonated water

Chip: Humpty Dumpty Habanero and Blue Cheese Cheese Sticks
Pairing: Perrier Pink Grapefruit

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