The Story of Chips and so many facts

History buff and long-time chip fan, Michael Walpole, brings us the snack trifecta of cheezies, coke, and snickers while taking us on a wild ride of chip history. Where do chips come from? Credited to one man, rivaled by many, clearly not accounting for many cultures having chips in forms of various fruits and vegetables for ages. From the grandmother of chipping, Laura Scudder, to exploring where store brand chips come from this episode is rich with facts, chip and otherwise.

The Daily Bag

Mike: Hawkins Cheezies w/ Snickers & Coke (to explain a triangle of snack groupings)
KT: Covered Bridge Dill Pickle w/ La Croix Blackberry Cucumber sparkling water
Les: Extraaa! Jalapeno Poppers w/ filtered water with lemon

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